Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Story Of Stories....

Boy! do I have stories to tell you. I think we can all agree that things happen in three's -- Right?
 Lets begin with the start of summer. Back in June when we were getting our above/below pool ready for the season, we noticed that we had to refill it about an inch everyday. This went on for about a week. Now, keep in mind that the pool was here when we moved in. We figured out that the people who lived here before us had the pool for five years. We called the pool store and asked what is the life expectancy of a Dough Boy Pool liner? They said 8 to 10 years. Well then, that means that the pool has been here for 19 years... We suspect our pool has many leaks. Too many to repair. The pool is DEAD!  
Onward to the second part of our story. We were grilling one afternoon and all of a sudden the grill started sputtering and you could smell propane fumes, one side of the burner wasn't working and a long yellow jet was burning upward  out of the other burner.Needless to say, the grill had DIED! My husband decided to go to Home Depot and buy a new burner . It is a lot cheaper than buying a new grill. Now we are back in business!
 The third incident to occur is as follows. Two days later we were preheating our wall oven, looking forward to some delicious brownies. Lo and behold there was no heat coming from the oven. Yes, you are absolutely right...The oven was Dead! It was twenty five plus years old. It had served well. We are having a new one installed today.
The story continues: #4 The other night my husband was getting a late night snack (about 1 am) He thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye but said nothing because...well it was late and he was tired...maybe it was nothing. The next night I was getting ready for bed and came out into the hall and something flew by my face. I started screaming. There was a bird in the house! My husband yelled back, THATS NO BIRD..IT'S A BAT!!! We turned all the lights on in the house, and It kept flying back and forth. It then flew into one of the bathrooms and into the shower stall. As the bat attempted to fly out, Lew quickly closed the shower door and hit our invader knocking it to the shower floor, stunned!! He grabbed it with a towel and ejected it outside. WOW! that was scary for me.
 Progressing to the fifth occurrence. The other day as I was taking the dogs out I heard a scratching and splashing sound coming from the pool, OMG! There was a squirrel swimming in the shallow pool water that couldn't get out. Sylvia, my daughter, quickly ran and got a shovel and just touched the surface of the water with the head of the shovel. The squirrel immediately sprang to the shovel handle and bounded up and out. Free at last.

We are waiting for the next incident. What will give out or what endangered animal will we be visited by?  
This time around it appears that the "3" factor doesn't apply. Unless the sixth occurrence is waiting just around the corner.

It is 10:05 p.m. the evening of this post. The 6th event has just occurred and you will never imagine what it was! Another BAT! This time it flew out of my bedroom. I again screamed for Lew. He flashed up the steps from his man cave like he was shot out of a cannon. Confronting the beast in the office room he this time used a blanket and captured it in the corner. He gathered it up while it was squealing and squirming around and took it out into the back yard and pitched it. That is that and there you go. Could this nightmare continue or have we seen the end of this round of happenings!



Magic Love Crow said...

Linda!! LOL! I am sorry to laugh!! As the saying goes, when it rains it poors! I am sure everything is finished with you! Well I hope so ;o) At least you and your hubby are well and that is the main thing ;o) I love the picture of the squirrel! Poor little guy! Do you guys open your door during the evening and have a light outside or inside when doing this? We found in our old house, we could not have a light on, when we opened the door at night, because those little bats got in all the time! They are quick! Mom and I send big hugs and lots of smiles ;o) said...

Oh my goodness, boy oh boy does my life feel like this right now.

About bats, could they be in your fireplace if you have one?

That happens around here a lot.

That poor squirrel!! SO glad you all saved him!

Keep us posted, either it's leprechauns, or maybe a sign of some kind??

Or, maybe just the way of the world, just a coincidnece - but, that is sure a lot at once ;)

Love, V

Gloria said...

You are having one exciting August! Check your attic, gutters, etc. or any opening where these guys are getting in. They can squeeze through a very small opening.

My oven quit on me and I was happy to see it go, it was a horrible and undependable thing, not pretty either.

Hope your string of unplanned problems is at an end!!! If not, tie a knot on the end and hang on- have a quiet and peaceful week.

Debbie said...

Too funny, I've had things go wrong around here lately too. Must be residual from last weeks full moon.

Incipient Wings said...

I think you should buy a lottery ticket!
You seem to have a positive attitude towards all of this activity 😊
I hope that was the last incident.. That is until you win the jackpot and the media is all over your place.

The bats are a bit concerning though... Do you have an attic they could be coming in through?

MartyG said...

You need to check your attic. You could have bats living there. We went to install a light to highlight a piece of needlework and the electrician found them when he was running the wires in the attic. He kept hearing squeaking. Boy did he come down the attic stairs fast. We had to call a professional to get them out, seal the attic so they couldn't get back in and clean out the bat guano. Bat guano is not good to have around. Sorry to say this was an expensive problem for us.

Linda said...

Thank you all for your kind suggestions. So far we haven't had a recurrence, but if we do I will certainly will peruse things further.

Ms Misantropia said...

Hilarious! And I totally recognize the all-things-crapping-out-at-once thing - old houses...

Witchy Cats said...

LOL! Yes, you are right that things DO always come in three's!!!

BTW, I have a little suprise for you on my Witch Cats Blog, my friend. So if your get a chance to check it out please do~ :)

Brightest Blessings alway,


Lady Caer Morganna said...

Linda, please see my blog The Wiccan LIfe. I have something for you from my give-away. Thanks!