Sunday, July 20, 2014

Just look up..

Some days it's just ok to sit in your favorite lounge chair and look at the different cloud formations.
That is exactly what I did.
You have to look up once in a while otherwise the world will pass you by.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Come along on the 7th annual Mad Tea Party. Sponsored by Afancifultwist. Please check her sidebar for more madness and party fun.
Thank you Miss Vanessa.
 Welcome and come along for a great adventure.
 There is a party ahead.
 The white rabbit will show us the way.
 The Hatter is somewhere near by.
Oh look, there's the white rabbit. I wonder if we are late?
 The caterpillar should be around here somewhere.

It all looks so very festive. How fantastic!

Anytime and anywhere is tea time.
All the sweet treats that your heart would ever desire.
I would be honored if the Mad Hatter would pour my tea.
All of our friends have gathered.

Pink flamingo's and all. Anyone for croquet?
It is twilight now.

It's getting late.

I hope that you had a crazy wonderful time.

Please don't forget to lock up on your way out. Thank you for coming along on this adventure.