Monday, March 25, 2013


Over the last two weeks, after being under the weather again, I received two really special packages.
One, from Lynn at Trash To Treasure Art. This is the greatest ring ever. It will go with just about everything. Please check out her blog and see what else she makes.

The second package came from Stacy at Magic Love Crow. I haven't started this very intriguing book yet, but it looks like it could be awesome. Please check out her blog and see all of her paintings of crows.
Both of these bloggers are amazing artists so, please visit them soon.
Talking about the weather. Has anyone seen Spring yet?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blocks Of Art

I would like to introduce my latest endeavor.
I call them Blocks of Art.
If you go back a few posts ago,  you might remember that I was experimenting with backgrounds. I was also playing around with doodling. With this new attempt I have put them together!
The process starts by doodling on  drawing paper.
I use a fine brush tip marker, which allows for varing widths of lines. Then I incorperate different types of pens. I have fun doodling, but tend towards flowers.

 I mount the designed papers on blocks of wood of various sizes.

 I present them on small easels. I think they are so cute.
 They fit nicely on a  bookshelf or anywhere.
They will soon appear in my ETSY store.