Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Items...

I recently brought some of the bracelets that I make to an Art Show.
This is what these look like when someone is wearing this type.
 This next bracelet wraps around your wrist and snaps underneath.
 Here is a close-up of the sparkle.
By the end of the show I had none left...I think that they were a hit.
I thought that I would share them with you also.


Debbie said...

Just stopped by after some blog browsing to see whats new. You did very well at your show. Congrats, been very busy this week, and will have my grandson this weekend. Your bracelets are very pretty btw.

New End Studio said...

Congrats, these turned out great- selling all must feel terrific!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Linda ;o) Wow!!! These are amazing!!! So cool!! They can be dressy or for casual! I love them! I can see why they sold out! Congrats!!! You better make more ;o) Big Hugs and sorry I haven't got back to you before this! As I said, the internet was down and I am trying to catch up little, by little ;o)

Selma said...

I like them, very beutiful!

Cameron said...

Selling out is always a good thing!