Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Time Has Come...

The time has come for all to buy their favorite pumpkin of the bunch.
I looked and looked and wanted the most unique pumpkin that I could find.
This is what I chose. It is the smallest and the wartest that I have ever seen. What do you think?
Please be sure to check in on Saturday the 27th for the greatest Halloween Blog Party ever.
Miss Vanessa from afancifultwist is hosting this awesome party so, please check in. All of the parties are listed on her sidebar.


Victoria said...

I love that little pumpkin!



Simona Cordara said...

Beautiful pumpkin! Here in Italy we are starting to see them in supermarkets lately.
I hope my hubby is going to develop Harry's magic soon... even just to find a job. Ehehehe!!!
Have a great week!

artistamyjo said...

Wonderful pumpkin,such grat warts. Just need a toad beside it!

Debbie said...

A very eerie creepy pumpkin to be sure


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey My Friend ;o) I was away for the night, I just got home! I love your little pumpkin! So cute! Funny, I chose two bumpy ones too for the house! LOL! (Linda, sorry my friend, but I was smiling at your post, because look at the way you spelled pumpkin!) You are too cute ;o)

Goddess Findings said...

Linda, your post is just enchanting!!!!!! I so enjoyed visiting, thanks so much! Fun FUN!