Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Any Fish You Wish...

I thought that I might try another collage.
This time more detail.
And more inspiration from other sources.
I really dug deep into my pile of bits and pieces.
Here we have the finished collage.
I'm thinking of putting it into my ETSY shop.
Please, I would like some feedback on that.
It is 5x7 and has a saw tooth picture hanger on the back.


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Linda ;o) I think your collage is so much fun! I love the bright colors and the movement!
My friend, we can give you all the advice you like, but you truly, have to know in your heart, that you created something great and something that other people will love.
Personally, I say yes, put it in your shop!!! Also, look at some other fish art on Etsy, see what is out there. I always do that with my crow paintings, because I want them to be different, and unique. And, I think your collage is different and unique, a good thing ;o)
One more thing, you should do a giveaway with one of them!! Get you art there! Show the world ;o) "A, Welcome To My Art, Giveaway" ;o) I will advertise it on my blog, if you do it ;o)
I hope I have helped ;o) Be proud, you have done a great job!! Hugs ;o)

BlackPumpkin said...

Wow! O really like your collages!! As my friend MagicLove Crow writes, you're very talented. Keep it up!!

BlackPumpkin said...

Love your collages!!

Debbie said...

I got a quick chance to look the other day, but did not have the time to comment, and now I do! Really great, love your embellishments,, well done. I see you are getting ready for summer fun.


laurie said...

oh my gosh this is beautiful amazingly creative!!!

artistamyjo said...

Love your collages,very nice.
I'm in Traverse City so hello neighbor!