Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Artful Bag Challenge

I used two types of paper for this bag, I used shinny poster board for the trim. I wanted to make it look like shinny metal, and I also used scrapbook paper for a textured look.

I used a pearl button for an embellishment and tiny pearls for fun.

I found a textured ribbon, and used it for the handle.

And here is what you get, a small elegant bag for an evening out on the town.

Please check out Anna at Frostedpetunias for more wonderful bags. She is doing a wonderful job with this challenge.

I hope you are enjoying yourself.


Debbie said...

Should of been a fashion designer, looks great!

selma said...

SELMA said: This is a stylish little bag. Brown paper seems to be leather. The lock is a nice decoration. I like it.

Frosted Petunias said...

Definitely an elegant little bag Linda! The silver and pearl button really complements the animal print nicely and the shape is so cute. Thank you for linking up :)


Mary said...

Beautiful !!!

Elly said...

Vintage and elegant. Always a pleasure to see your creations.Hugs
Elly (:o)