Monday, July 18, 2011

Gifts From Across The Miles

Lovely gifts from Dubai and my friend Xue. This item is an Obi Belt. It is fashioned after the belt used when wearing a Kimono. It is reversable and can be worn different ways. Please check out Xue's blog. She makes so many different things and is so talented.

This is my daughter Sylvia wearing the Obi. She wore it to work today and received many compliments on it.

The other items that I received were a zippered wristlet, two pouches for Kleenx, I can actually fit my cell phone in one and two hair scrunche's

1 comment:

XUE said...

So glad Linda, that these finally arrived at yr end. Thank you for being a helpful friend. I am happy that you can make good use of these & thank you Sylvia for enhancing the Obi Belt :) .
Happy Summer !