Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Do You Do On A Rainy Day ?

What do you do on a really rainy day? You make new friends. You make fairy friends. They are so very easy to create. You need a small wooden bead, pipe cleaners or plant wire, a few tube beads, and some petals from a silk flower that you have taken apart. Fold in half a 6 1/2 inch wire, then cut a piece 2 1/2 inches long. Lay the short wire cross wise on top of the folded wire about 1/2 inch down from the bended 6 1/2 top. Fold that top bend down and and around the cross piece, bringing it back up to form the head. Now you have arms, legs and a head. Place the wooden bead where the head should go and glue it onto the wire. Now thread a tube bead through the legs and push it up as far as it can go. Then thread a flower after it and as many as you want..different colors are fun to add. Add one more tube bead to hold all the petals on, and glue it. Add embroidery floss for hair and use colored pencils for facial features. You may want to make loops for hands and feet. Now you have a fairy friend to play with on a rainy day.


Bossy Betty said...

Of course you do and how wonderful they turned out!!!

S and O said...

how neat! that is such a great idea :)
Linda you are so creative! I love the way you put these pretty little fairy dolls together -- it's genius! And thanks for sharing your time it rains I know what I'm going to do ^_^
They are so pretty, I really like the fairy with the purple flower...


Melissa said...

Stopping by from SITS

These are so cute! I wish my daughter was a little older (shes only 3) because she would love these!

Have a great day!

julietk said...

"What Do You Do On A Rainy Day ?" Much the same as you by the looks of things :-) Pretty Fairies.
I am working my way through the list on Vanessa's blog when I have time to browse :-) You are invited to Tea and to join my giveaway,every day is an unbirthday, there is still time :-) Thank you for the Tea.

Debbie said...

What a great idea! As I love fairies, this will be perfect. Thanks for sharing