Monday, August 24, 2009

Butterflies are Free

It seems like summer is coming to an end here in Michigan, the days are getting shorter with the sun setting earlier, and the warm days are turning into cool waking hours however I still see butterflies and moths fluttering through the air.

Here are some from butterflies from our trip Up North.


R.L. said...

Again your pictures are so professional, I love the butterflies. Visiting your site is so relaxing as the pictures are so beautiful, for a few minutes I feel like I'm on vacation.

S and O said...

Beautiful pictures! I love butterflies!

Haha if only I could say the same about Summer here in California! It seems that now we're paying for that bout of coolness we enjoyed through out June and July with this unexpected (dare I say unwanted?) heat! LOL!

Thanks for sharing these pics! :)