Monday, July 6, 2009

Up North on the 4th of July

Oh, what a wonderful 4th of July we had! My family; Mr. Lew, Sylvia and I decided to venture Up North. To take a little family vacation. What I mean by Up North is, we live in the state of Michigan which is divided into two sections; Upper and Lower. We live in the lower, lower western half of the state. We migrated north, to the most northern part of the lower portion of the state. A place called Mackinaw City. It is here we saw the fireworks of the 4th of July. What a wonderful clear night it was.


XUE said...

Happy Days! We love fireworks too! Right now, we are on the German island of Sylt, with its huge sand dunes & white beaches, just off the coast of Denmark.

R.L. said...

I love the pics of the fireworks, they are so colorful. I can never hold a camera still enough to get a good pic. Yours are great, I know I keep saying this but it's so true.