Friday, March 6, 2015

Yes.....A New Post.


 I've been working on a few new things over the past few months. Here is one.
 Here  I'm working with liquid water colors. It is a special order from Discount School Supply. I could not find it in a regular arts and crafts store.
 The possibilities are endless. You have to be careful, It stains your hands and your clothes, so please wear a paint shirt.
 You can dilute it with water ( I recommend) You can add texture, with a number of things around the house. Here, I used screen. Best of all it comes in a wide variety of colors.
You then can make it into a fun collage.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

This is Michigan.

 If you know anything about Michigan you know that when it snows here it really snows.
 Last week we received 10 inches of snow
 Schools were closed and so where a few business.

 My daughter got her snowshoes out and had a great time. It was very cold with wind chills in the low numbers.
Five days went by. Today I woke up to this. It is 47 degrees (F) and no more snow. If you live in Michigan you know if you blink, the weather will change.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

So sorry for being behind in my blogging.

 Recently, after being sick with bronchitis, I took a trip to Traverse City. 
 It is north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It took 2 and a half hours to get there.
This is the most beautiful sunrise I have seen in a long time. It was a week end getaway. Please if you want to go on line and check it out. During the Spring and Summer, they have a lot to offer.
My bronchitis is over, thank goodness.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Before we get started I would like to thank Ms. Vanessa at afancifultwist for putting together this amazing party. Please check her sidebar for more parties.

   Welcome to Halloween at my House.
 Grab a dab of fantasy.
 I have many spells to cast upon you.
 We will guide your path through this Halloween night. Be wary then, your beast safety lies in fear.


 There is nothing that gives you more assurance than a mask.
 Come with me.. this is the bewitching time of night.
 Please grab a key and unlock the portals of your mind.
 Mr. Crow will show you the way.
 By mostly observing....this is the means used to frighten you.
A voice long unheard shall be heard at last.
Where there is no imagination there is no Halloween.
I hope that you can find your way home.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It is Here...

 Fall has come to Michigan and it is just beautiful.

 The air had turned cooler and the leaves have started to turn.
 The most beautiful shades of orange, yellow, red and green.

 The squirrels are busy peeking into windows looking for food.

 Pinecones have started to fall and,
needless to say we have an overabundance of acorns. Last year we had very few.
Enjoy it while we can, colder weather and snow will be here before we know it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

What A Wonderful Week-end....

Wow, when I got home from work on Friday I was surprised to see the mailbox was full. Two large packages and they were for me 
I received this beautiful Autumn wreath from Kim at The Wiccan Life. I had won her giveaway. It has all of my favorite fall colors.
 The detail is so nice. Ribbons, leaves wooden charms and's just beautiful. Thank you Kim so very much. Please check out her Blog for other great thins she makes.
 The second package came from Gina in England. Her blog is Daydream Believer I had made a swap with her. I sent her a Faerie Cottage. Which  had made especially for her.
 She sent me an Ooka Doll. She is just wonderful. I decided to name her after Gina. I call her Gia of the Woodlands.
 She loves to sit amongst the Faerie Cottages. Each morning I find her in different areas of my house. Each morning she is in a different spot.

She is just wonderful and has made friends with all my things. I think she is very comfortable here.
Thank you so very much Gina.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

For Gina

Soon to arrive for Gina.
Omg...  What a lovely friend Gina is. I wanted to buy a woodland Faerie from Gina. She told me that she doesn't sell her faeries. I then told her that if she made one for me, that in return I would make her one of my Faerie Houses for her. She agreed. This is the one I made for her, this is the first one that I included a broom. Everyone needs a broom to sweep out the dust off one's mind.
Please check out Gina's blog: Daydream Believer and is so very creative.
Please run right over to her blog